It is our mission to provide our clients with highly customized support, products and process. We take the time to find out what your priorities are, and we customize our offering to meet your needs. It is our goal to integrate with your management team and constructively support their needs to accomplish your goals.

We would like to learn more about you and your specific requirements.

Would you like to learn more about what will become the most productive relationship that you will ever have with another team?

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Meridian Dealer Services is focused on delivering high quality Finance and Insurance (F&I) products, reinsurance, vehicle service contracts, training, customer retention solutions, incentive programs and collision repair solutions for our clients. We are committed to delivering those products and support to:

Franchised Automobile Dealers
Independent Automobile Dealers
Power Sports Dealers
RV Dealers
Marine Dealers
Collision Repair Facilities
Independent Repair Facilities


There is an abundance of F&I products available in the marketplace today. While many products appear similar, there are often subtle differences. These differences may affect your ability to achieve your goals.

Meridian Dealer Services invests a significant amount of time researching Providers and products to ensure we have the best product offering available to help you achieve your goals.

Some of our product offerings include:

Dealer Branded Programs
Custom Maintenance Programs
Customer Retention Programs
Vehicle Service Contracts
Wrap Contracts
Lifetime Warranty
Pre-Owned Certified
Tire and Wheel Programs
Theft Recovery Devices
GPS Tracking
Inventory Management and Lot Protection
Paint Protection
Key Replacement
Bundle Products
F&I Menu
Customized Point of Sale Materials


Thank you for visiting our website. It is intentionally very brief. We have the reinsurance deals, low admin fees, training, incentives, and all of the rest. Why aren’t there stock photos of unknown people smiling and laughing? Why do we not have page after page of mind numbing useless information? Why is all of that absent from this website?

Because we want to learn about YOU!

After we have learned about your priorities we will deliver a highly customized proposal centered on satisfying your needs. We operate with a very high level of transparency. If you are ready for a different and highly productive relationship with our team, please contact us today.